D'espairsRay Live, Feb. 23 2006

I must warn you, this entry is pretty much just about how hot I think the members of this band are. Their music is not really my style, so I mostly just went to this live to spend time with my visiting friends and to stare at the sexy band members. Normally, music has something to do with it too. ^^;

So, I went to the show with scathacha, Laina, & erythrocyte. Waiting for D'espairsRay to come on was uninteresting for me (as in, the opening bands were not for me), but when they at last came on I was glad I had decided to go to the live. I am not really a fan of their music, and I had seen them live before, but my previous times weren't so great for me since I had just seen other bands play before them that I really ♥! I guess they had paled in comparison then, but just seeing with the knowledge that I had come just to see them was fun, and they put on a much more energetic show than I had expected based on my last experience seeing them live. Toward the end they played the one song of theirs that I really do love, 「タトエバ」 キミ...ガ...シンダ...ラ, so I was happy to see that.

They all looked super hot, even Karyu, who sometimes doesn't look so sexy as the rest of them in my opinion. I pretty much always have one band member I can't stop staring at the most when I am at a live, and I have to say I couldn't stop staring at any of them. But ZERO pretty much couldn't get any hotter, with his lips being as sexy as they are and his practice of just mildly varying the one facial expression he always has. Another person who looked really hot was nikui, who I introduced myself to. I also got to see genwaku_maniac and _eika_, but only for a few moments. I was sad they couldn't stay longer!

I hadn't planned to take photos, since I didn't really expect any kind of marvelous time and am also used to not being allowed to take photos at lives, but I ended up taking quite a few when I realized that it was allowed, and that I was standing in the same room as probably the all-around sexiest band I have ever seen. Not that I don't have my favorites in the bands I actually listen to, but really, a band where all the members are consistently this attractive is unheard of to me. ^^;

I posted my photos on my website, here:

It's been almost a year.

So, I stopped posting here for a ridiculously long time and it's been almost a year now since my last post. I spent the year in really crappy health, doing the most difficult things I've done, and I'm glad I'm done doing them. I now have a new job and apartment, and none of the expendable income I used to have for buying Japanese CDs. I still want to write in this journal, but at the moment I don't quite know how much new music I will have to write about. I can still download a lot of stuff, but it takes so much longer to find it online than it does to just buy the discs that I'm not sure if I'll really be able to keep up the habit.

But in any case, until I find a direction I want to go in I'm just going to continue writing little bits in here as if I never even disappeared for a year. I just downloaded D's first album, The name of the ROSE, and when I went to play it in Winamp, the files queued up out of order, as they are prone to doing. The first song that started to play was track 3, 闇より暗い慟哭のアカペラと薔薇より赤い情熱のアリア. If you haven't heard this track, you may not understand the impact it had. Needless to say, I just started laughing and wondered what was going on. I thought I was going to hate it, but as I continued listening I realized that I love this song! I haven't even listened to the other songs yet, as this one has supplied me with enough giddiness to sustain myself for quite some time. XD
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By the way, I returned from Tokyo maybe a month ago but still haven't written anything about it... or about anything else. Mostly because medical problems are demanding/destroying my attention at this time... But next I will write a bit about my trip. First order I need to round up a little cash to (not even barely) make up for all the damage it caused.

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I just listened to the MASK single that came out with the new members for the first time... (it just came in the mail)

Maybe it's irrational... I don't know who to blame, so the scary one with the managerial responsibility (and the history of writing songs I hate and using vocalists I can't stand) has to take it:
Michiru is officially my least favorite human.
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Live schedules...

I didn't update here forever, which is sad, but I have been too busy with work and other interferences. But today I started scouring the internet for Japanese lives to reserve tickets for during the end of December and all of January. However, I became really stressed out not being able to read Japanese and not knowing what I am doing. @_@ Before I experience organ failure I have to quit for the night... but I thought maybe I would post some info about some lives I am interested in here in my journal so I can keep working on it when I am more functional (which I may or may not ever become).

........aghhhh!!Collapse )
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JAL flight ticket confirmed now.

It's confilmed... I'll be going to Tokyo afterall~ My agent from the company I bought tickets with called me early in the morning to see if I wanted to buy or not, which was really the only reason I've already bought them... Don't ask me shit when I just woke up!!! I will be there from Dec 28 - Jan 27. Now I just need to book a place to stay...

I wasn't too excited about the trip anymore because of all the bands I had wanted to see breaking up or starting to suck in some other way, but the thought of eating warm anman alone was enough to make me really excited as soon as I'd hung up with the agent. I had thought the trip wouldn't be worth the money right now considering it's no longer about the things I thought it was going to be about (seeing lives and reuniting with three friends in Tokyo [as now only two of them can be there]) but instead it will be about eating anman and relaxing, enjoying fancy Tokyo stimulation, still going to as many lives as possible, of course & spending time with Xjandry, who is coming with me, as it happens! It's a lot different than the trip I had decided to take a year ago, but it's going to be great anyway, and worth all the difficulty because what else in life has been so pleasurable? Plus I will still get to be reunited with two of those friends, and celebrate Bronny's birthday!

I'm excited...
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the disenchanment capital of your city

A bunch of bad mini reviews in one, and some life details in there too.. because I didn't have any time for writing a review lately.

After the news of kalimero's disband, I started to care less and less about my trip to Tokyo... I still want to go, but the fact that the money I would spend could be really helpful on other projects, like finding a new job and place to live, is gelling more and more... And seeming more and more important to take into consideration, even though before my feelings were along the lines of "if you get to see MASK, Merry, beaU, Charlotte, vidoll, or kalimero, any amount of inconvenience when you return will be worth it." Then when I got "MICHIE LAND," the latest MASK release featuring Michiru, and saw that NANA too has now left MASK, I was really crushed all over again. I hate that CD, too, but I knew I would, because it's Michiru... I really don't like the music he writes. But even more than that, he takes some MASK songs and essentially ruins them with terrible vocals, so the hate goes deeper than just not liking his music that's on the CD... he even made me dislike MASK songs. Anyway, I can't tell who is singing on that CD because Michiru always seems to feature various vocalists and other musicians, but if it's one of the two new MASK members that are listed in the jacket, well I don't like the new vocalist either. AT ALL.

On top of all that? I got that live vidoll DVD that came out a while back, and I watched it, and made me care less and less about ever seeing vidoll live. I thought that for the most part the band put on a great show, just like they did on their last live DVD... but this time of course, HIDE plays guitar where Ayano used to, but he does a really terrible job!! He doesn't seem to value vidoll's clean and orchestrated sound at all!! He seems like he's NOT EVEN TRYING to play the songs or play them they way they were written. I am all for a little manic improvisation, but he's just SUCKING. I didn't have anything against him to start, and actually liked in him Vanilla, but now I am sad that he was Ayano's replacement. I like some of the songs he's written for vidoll, but certainly don't like them as much as the songs Jui and Rame write. That was not a problem really, but then seeing this DVD all I could focus on was the way his guitar didn't seem to mesh with the rest of the music (which was played smoothly and sounded so together, including Jui's vocals, which as always, are amazing even live). So I still want to see them live, but this will take away from some of the experience for me. I didn't know I would miss Ayano this much...

This next thing didn't come as much of a surprise to me at all... but, the kagerou full album that came out is really uninteresting and repetitive. I listened to the first five songs and was hopeful, because I enjoyed them, but then, right at track 6 and on through 13 there was barely anything I felt worth paying any attention to... This is based on my first & second impression, so of course, there is still a chance it will grow on me, but kagerou's first album never did! So I really didn't feel much shock that I wasn't impressed with this, because though I had total love for many of their early singles, I didn't think they were still making music like that based on their previous album. I also got MUCC's CD, but I didn't really get a feel for that yet. I had already lost interest in seeing MUCC again, long ago, because I really don't enjoy shows at large arenas at all. A friend of mine tells me they still play small venues occasionally, so if there was that opportunity I would definitely take and love it, but I have some fairly realistic doubts of that chance arising. Oddly enough, even though they have a new album, I keep listening to zekuu instead! When it came out I didn't really appreciate it, but now I love it terribly much... in a few years I'll be all about giving homura uta another chance, and then listening to it on repeat. XD Oh, and then I'll get around to this new album. o_O

Other CDs I got recently include babylon, 12012, Merry, Moi dix Mois, and SugarTrip releases, all of which I promptly paid absolutely no attention to... Maybe that says something... but I am glad I got them, because one of them may just be my favorite CD in like, 18 months. And then, of course, there is the sinners single that I got and really liked, but yes, they are the only DISBANDED band that I bought a CD from recently, so... ~_~ Leaving Charlotte & beaU the only Japanese bands I am really bent on seeing at this moment... and even if I do go, I have no idea if either of them will be performing or if I will be able to attend... Hmm, actually, seeing emmuree or jinkaku radio would be really great too... or deadman... @_@;;;;;;;; and of course I've always thought it was important that I see metronome... (aaugh!! maybe in reality there are still piles of bands I want to see?? But there also many more bands that I wanted to see that I can't now, or no longer really feel the need to... like misora & GULLET because they disbanded... and Shulla & Fatima after their releases got progressively worse... etc.) I can't afford to import all the CDs I want, and that in itself makes it difficult to maintain total interest, because I have to constantly trim the list of bands that I consistently buy and of course I never hear them otherwise...

Anyway... I still hope I will go. The friend I had planned to go with won't be able to go, and it seems sort of sad to go without her, but I have other friends who will be there; it's still going to be a lot of fun if I go... Just because I can't be with that friend and can't see many of the bands I wanted to see it doesn't mean there isn't an incredible wealth of other things that would be so enjoyable to do! It's just the fact that those lives I was thinking of would make the trip worth a lot of inconvenience and worth spending money I need for other things... It's hard to justify going when there isn't that element as much. I have to make the final decision pretty soon, and actually I thought I had already made it in either direction like 10 or 15 times already... not to mention the entire year previous, where I was sure I would be going... but things changed. *shrug* Whatever will I do? If you keep reading maybe I'll say... XD
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I just got sinners - ニヒリスティック, because the ex-vocalist is Junno of beaU! I love Junno & beaU so much, I needed to hear what his old band was like. Normally when I buy CDs because of some whim it ends up being a waste of money, but I love this single! It is reminiscent of beaU in ways, but more serious. I certainly like it just as much as I like beaU. XD

I will need the rest of what they released before disbanding... I hope I can find them in Tokyo, because I am going to Toyko at the end of December, so I am not importing too much before then. I uploaded a sinners song; they were virtually impossible for me to find when I was hoping to sample before buying.

sinners - NIHILISTIC
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At the live on Jul 28, Kalimero announced that they will disband after their final one-man this October.


For some reason I was sure I'd someday see them live someday. I sort of thought of them as a way to stay sane, telling myself not to be sad about all the bands I never saw, because I'll get to see kalimero. Surely they won't disband, not after that awesome first album...... I hate knowing that I still have a chance to see them before they disband, but won't be taking it. I Feel Sick (again).