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D'espairsRay Live, Feb. 23 2006

I must warn you, this entry is pretty much just about how hot I think the members of this band are. Their music is not really my style, so I mostly just went to this live to spend time with my visiting friends and to stare at the sexy band members. Normally, music has something to do with it too. ^^;

So, I went to the show with scathacha, Laina, & erythrocyte. Waiting for D'espairsRay to come on was uninteresting for me (as in, the opening bands were not for me), but when they at last came on I was glad I had decided to go to the live. I am not really a fan of their music, and I had seen them live before, but my previous times weren't so great for me since I had just seen other bands play before them that I really ♥! I guess they had paled in comparison then, but just seeing with the knowledge that I had come just to see them was fun, and they put on a much more energetic show than I had expected based on my last experience seeing them live. Toward the end they played the one song of theirs that I really do love, 「タトエバ」 キミ...ガ...シンダ...ラ, so I was happy to see that.

They all looked super hot, even Karyu, who sometimes doesn't look so sexy as the rest of them in my opinion. I pretty much always have one band member I can't stop staring at the most when I am at a live, and I have to say I couldn't stop staring at any of them. But ZERO pretty much couldn't get any hotter, with his lips being as sexy as they are and his practice of just mildly varying the one facial expression he always has. Another person who looked really hot was nikui, who I introduced myself to. I also got to see genwaku_maniac and _eika_, but only for a few moments. I was sad they couldn't stay longer!

I hadn't planned to take photos, since I didn't really expect any kind of marvelous time and am also used to not being allowed to take photos at lives, but I ended up taking quite a few when I realized that it was allowed, and that I was standing in the same room as probably the all-around sexiest band I have ever seen. Not that I don't have my favorites in the bands I actually listen to, but really, a band where all the members are consistently this attractive is unheard of to me. ^^;

I posted my photos on my website, here:
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