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It's been almost a year.

So, I stopped posting here for a ridiculously long time and it's been almost a year now since my last post. I spent the year in really crappy health, doing the most difficult things I've done, and I'm glad I'm done doing them. I now have a new job and apartment, and none of the expendable income I used to have for buying Japanese CDs. I still want to write in this journal, but at the moment I don't quite know how much new music I will have to write about. I can still download a lot of stuff, but it takes so much longer to find it online than it does to just buy the discs that I'm not sure if I'll really be able to keep up the habit.

But in any case, until I find a direction I want to go in I'm just going to continue writing little bits in here as if I never even disappeared for a year. I just downloaded D's first album, The name of the ROSE, and when I went to play it in Winamp, the files queued up out of order, as they are prone to doing. The first song that started to play was track 3, 闇より暗い慟哭のアカペラと薔薇より赤い情熱のアリア. If you haven't heard this track, you may not understand the impact it had. Needless to say, I just started laughing and wondered what was going on. I thought I was going to hate it, but as I continued listening I realized that I love this song! I haven't even listened to the other songs yet, as this one has supplied me with enough giddiness to sustain myself for quite some time. XD
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