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JAL flight ticket confirmed now.

It's confilmed... I'll be going to Tokyo afterall~ My agent from the company I bought tickets with called me early in the morning to see if I wanted to buy or not, which was really the only reason I've already bought them... Don't ask me shit when I just woke up!!! I will be there from Dec 28 - Jan 27. Now I just need to book a place to stay...

I wasn't too excited about the trip anymore because of all the bands I had wanted to see breaking up or starting to suck in some other way, but the thought of eating warm anman alone was enough to make me really excited as soon as I'd hung up with the agent. I had thought the trip wouldn't be worth the money right now considering it's no longer about the things I thought it was going to be about (seeing lives and reuniting with three friends in Tokyo [as now only two of them can be there]) but instead it will be about eating anman and relaxing, enjoying fancy Tokyo stimulation, still going to as many lives as possible, of course & spending time with Xjandry, who is coming with me, as it happens! It's a lot different than the trip I had decided to take a year ago, but it's going to be great anyway, and worth all the difficulty because what else in life has been so pleasurable? Plus I will still get to be reunited with two of those friends, and celebrate Bronny's birthday!

I'm excited...
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